This product allows businesses to get advances on cash due to them from clients, rather than waiting for those customers to pay.  Long remittance terms can cause a business to lose out on opportunities and growth possibilities due to the lack of cash flow.  Invoice discounting releases these funds and allows the business to utilise the cash to expand.

Debtors finance improves cash flow by freeing up money tied up in trade debtors. This product is aimed at clients with a better quality balance sheet and a consistent and diversified debtors’ book.

Debtors book finance is beneficial to businesses that need to improve their cash flow, have a seasonal business, need to invest in a large once-off sale, have high peaks in sales or when the client insists on extended credit terms.

The invoices in the debtor's book form the basis of the security, therefore other collateral, such as fixed property, cannot be required.


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