AAF provides a number of unique finance solutions to businesses which enable them to capitalise on opportunities and excel to the next level.

A stock finance facility allows the client to raise funding against qualifying stock as security. This allows clients to procure more stock or to access cash discounts on early settlement of stock purchases. Qualifying stock adheres to the following:

  1. The stock should have a terminal marketplace, meaning the stock can easily be sold on an active market,
  2. It should be easy to determine the market price,
  3. The stock should be warehoused and controllable by a collateral manager.

Examples of financeable stock are:

  1. Soft agricultural commodities like grains,
  2. Dried fruit, nuts and raisins,
  3. Feed products like lucerne and fish meal,
  4. Fertilisers like urea and phosphates,
  5. Commodities like coal and manganese.

Trade finance is a generic term for the funding of a transaction from start to finish. The financier finances all, or part, of the supply chain.  This includes:

  1. Supplier or manufacturer costs,
  2. Transport and delivery costs,
  3. Insurance costs,
  4. Storage costs.

These payments are made on behalf of the client who acts as an agent or broker. The financier is paid by the buyer on delivery of the product. The financier deducts his expenses and finance costs from the proceeds of the sale before transferring the balance to the client.

Certain forms of insurance requires an annual premium opposed to a monthly premium. This once off premium can place pressure on a business’ or project’s cash flow.

Our insurance premium finance product allows the insured to spread the annual insurance premium over a period of up to 10 months. This product can provide funding for any annual or once off payable insurance premium, as long as the policy is cancellable and pro rata refundable.

AAF provides property related bridging finance to expedite the cash flow available, thereby allowing the borrower to make use of new opportunities.

Property Bridging Finance

This product provides bridging finance to individuals or legal entities who are selling a property, switching their bond between financial institutions, or increasing the size of their existing bond and requires a portion of the proceeds prior to the transfer date or new bond is registered. 

Up to 80% of the net proceeds will be advanced and available from the date of approval of the new bond or sale of the property up to the date of registration or transfer.


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